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12 Days
February 28, 2013 - 226 Days - Still rolling all the way over
At this point Nani can go at anytime.  If you recall she went at 332 days for her second foal.  However, we really don't think she will go at 332.  She has started to bag up a little, but nothing significant....AND she is still rolling all the way over LOL.  Nani is meant to be pregnant.  She is like those women who are in the gym up until the day they give birth, or those beautiful Hollywood actresses that just glow with a slight baby bump.  As far as the Facebook contest...that is going well.  At least I am sure having fun with it.  I am getting nervouse I have to admit...and so exicted.  The days are just going by so slow.  (By the way I showed the 320 day photo to Chad...and he said "we are in Pole Position" made me did happen to be the same day as Daytona 500 and Danica Patrick)

February 18, 2013 - 316 Days - CONTEST!  Winner receives a 10lb Platinum Performance.
Please go to the Shoreline Facebook page and guess the foaling Date/Time/Gender of Nani's baby.  The person with the closest guess to the actual foaling date will win a 10lb bucket of Platinum Performance.  Should that person also get the gender correct their will be a bonus prize. (there is a hint in the blog)

February 14, 2013 - 312 Days - Pre-Foaling Vaccines
Nani was given her pre-foaling vaccines today.  She is looking good and just barely starting to bag up a little.  She foaled her first foal May 3, 2008.  She was at 350 days and the foal was a filly.  The next year Nani foaled her second foal, June 16, 2009.  This time she went 332 days and the foal was also a filly.  She will be at 345 days on March 19th.

January 3, 2013 - 270 Days - Full hair coat
Oh man this is really getting to become a sure thing.  Baby SiSi now has a hair coat and really looks like a foal.  The name game is in full action.  I am driving people crazy with the texts everytime I think of something.  Just wait though...I have a few goods ones I think.​

December 25, 2012 - Present under the tree
Baby SiSi got a little leather halter from Santa...LOL!  It is so cute.​

December 4, 2012 - Day 240 - Baby Has Whiskers
Well looks like we have a feisty one on our hands, from what I hear baby is kicking like crazy and Nani is clenching her sides.  Poor mare.  The baby is now the size of a lamb and has whiskers.  Just about 3 months or so to go.  Time will fly now.

October 31, 2012 - Day 206 - Happy Halloween First Kick
Dr. April went to check on Nani for me today.  Guess what...the baby is kicking.  YAY!​

October 16, 2012 - Day 190 - I got to go see Nani today
Nani is totally getting a belly, and it is so cute.  We did another ultra-sound but that little rascal in there is still in hiding.  Oh well...if it wants to be a surprise so be it.  

September 6, 2012 - Day 150 - I am the size of a rabbit
Little baby SiSi is now the size of a rabbit and gaining a pound every 10 days.  Crazy to think that we are just about at the half way point.  

​​July 30, 2012 - Day 113 - Everything is moving along just fine
I guess while this little fetus grows we are in a holding plan just waiting for its arrival.  All is going well and Nani is doing great so far.  I have posted a few more gestational photos.  The fetus is now about the size of a 6 week old kitten.  The head is now untucked and held level with the spine. There is now some hair on its lips, and the little ears have started to uncurl from the head.  The hooves are about 1/4 inch.  ​

June 13, 2012 - Day 66

Everything is going very well.  I went up to visit Nani a few weeks ago and got to see the ultra-sound in person.  That was cool, especially watching the little heart flutter and seeing those little ribs.  Now we tried for a while to get the 'best' still shot for the blog and unfortunately we got greedy and were not able to get the shot.  Nani started to get a little mad at us and kept moving​ around.  Nani is currently enjoying her Platinum Performance and her LMF Developmental Feed, she looks so healthy and her coat is so shiny...she is glowing.  Dr. April went last week to get another photo for me, and little "B" was not very photogenic that day.  It was hanging out at the bottom and just wanted to be left alone...I bet it was taking a nap.  So this week we shall try again...I hope we get a good shot as it is time to see if we can see what sex "B" is.  

June 7, 2012 - Day 60 - My FETUS has hooves.
​​​The vesicle is now flabby and shapeless conforming to the uterine walls. "B" is about 2 1/2 inches long (about hamster size)and starting to resemble a horse.  "B" is starting to develop tiny hooves, complete with soles and frogs. 

May 28, 2012 - Day 50 - We are now a FETUS...woot woot.
Well my little munchkin is now officially a fetus. Little "B" now has ribs, a skull, ears and hock and fetlock joints.  We are also getting close to "B" being too big for ultra sounds.

​​May 18, 2012 - Day 40 
So it has been a while since we had a new photo, but there is a reason.  Dr. April had a little mishap at the gym last week and had her ultrasound machine stolen from her car.  What a mess.  It all worked out, but we just needed to wait a few days for a new one to arrive.  ​Here is a photo at 40 days.  The freeze frame turned out a little blurry on this one, but as you can see it is much bigger. Also the embryo is now suspended from the vesicle's ceiling, rather than resting on the floor. This shift of position is step one in "the rise and fall of the embryo". It results from membranes at the top of the vesicle coming together to form the umbilical cord. As they do so, they shorten pulling the olive sized embryo up to the ceiling. The baby is growing well and it looks like Nani can be taken off the regumate.  Another week or so and we get to try to sex the foal.  That will be so exciting.

May 6, 2012 - Day 28 - The Baby's Heart Is Beating
Dr. April took another ultrasound for me today.  The embryo is looking great and had a perfect little beating heart.  Truly amazing.  In this photo you will notice the embryo is now suspended in the vesicle.​  The white small blob towards the bottom of the vesicle.  Nani is doing great.  She is loving her Platinum Performance and Regumate, eats them both like candy.  My girlfriend thinks this is the most photographed unborn baby ever, and it is only day 28.  

​​May 2, 2012 - Day 24 - Developmental information
The vesicle has grown to 1" in diameter.  A head with tiny bumps that will become eyes, a fleshy tail nub, and four little buds that will eventually become legs. On the ultrasound monitor, you will see the vesicle as an irregular shaped black blob within the grainy grey. Generally around day 24, an embryonic heart is large enough to be seen on the ultrasound screen. To find it, focus on the 'floor' surface of the blob. You will see a white smudge about 1/2" in diameter, resting there is the embryo. Within the smudge, a tiny black spot, about the size of a pinpoint, will be flashing on and off. This is the pea sized embryo's beating heart.​

May 1, 2012 - Cool Due Date
The due date should be March 19, 2013.  Sienna's B-day.  How cool is that!​  Gestation is a total of 345 days from ovulation. Just over 11 months.  Takes a long time to cook a little Sienna.

April 30, 2012 - 22 Days and things are changing

Here is a photo from today.  The embryo is developing nicely.  It is starting to change shape and if you ​look at 5 o'clock area, you can see a small white area.  That is the fetus starting to develop.  ​Nani is currently on Regumate simply as a precaution so she continues to think she is pregnant.  

​​April 26, 2012 - Good Nutrition Equals Healthy Baby
It is never to early to start a good nutrition program for our expectant moms.  I am a huge fan of Platinum Performance, it is just one of the best overall vitamin supplements.  Nani has been put on a daily supplement of Platinum Performance and I also need to make sure she keeps a healthy weight. The first few months she won't need a huge amount more in her caloric intake, but I would like to start her slowly on some additional feed.  This way her system is use to it when we need to up her calories for healthy development.  Right now I am looking at either LMF Development or Equidade.  I prefer feeds that are based regionally around our hay source versus nationally marketed feeds

April 24, 2012 - 16 days and getting bigger

So I know I am suppose to start the official pregnancy blog, but I am too excited that I must share this new ​photo.  Today Dr. April took another ultrasound of the baby and it is growing.  We grew from 6mm to 20mm in just 4 days.  Holy cow, what a difference in the photos.  The embryo is still floating around in the uterus, and should attach at 18 days.  Pregnancy blog to come soon, just need to build the page.  :)  ​​So so happy we are pregnant.
April 21, 2012 - Plan C CANCELLED...WE ARE PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I gave those dang shots for nothing, Plan C officially is cancelled.  Yep that is right WE ARE ​PREGNANT.  Ok let ​me say that again just because it sounds so good...We Are Pregnant! WOOT WOOT.  I got the text while shopping ​in Costco at the meat counter.  I totally started ​crying, like real dripping tears.  I am such a dork but I was just so happy. Had quite a few people ​looking at me that was for sure.  Thank you so much Dr. April.  Hey here is ​Little "B" (as in plan B) ​at 6mm and 12 days old. Which by the way Dr. April says is a perfect size for my perfect embryo. Looks like a pregnancy blog to come. Oh this will be a long 11 months.Febuary 18, 2013 - 316 Days - CONTEST! Winner receives a 10lb Platinum Performance.
Please go to the Shoreline Facebook page and guess the foaling Date/Time/Gender of Nani's baby. The person with the closest guess to the actual foaling date will win a 10lb bucket of Platinum Performance. Should that person also get the gender correct their will be a bonus prize. (there is a hint in the blog)

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